1 Oz Garlic & Herb Flavor Biltong Sticks Mega Pack (6 Pack)


What’s in YOUR bag?

It’s Biltong, the authentic South African meat snack consisting of strips of salted, flavored, and dried lean meat. It is a product characterized by a moisture content of 15–50%, making it softer than traditional beef jerky. The tender cuts from relatively young and lean beef are preferred for making Biltong. Although the product originated as a staple protein source for the pioneers on their expeditions into Southern Africa in the earlier days, it has evolved to a market-driven premium snack through innovative modern processing and packaging technology.


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For many generations, the Players have had a love of four things, Family, South Africa, Golf and Biltong. While various opportunities have taken the Players to the most beautiful places in the world, the United States brought worlds of opportunity but not their beloved South African product loved by all.

After many years of only getting to enjoy Biltong on trips back to South Africa and never being able to become accustomed to the tough textured, less flavorful American Jerky Products, Player Brand Biltong was born and now consumers in the United States and the rest of the world can enjoy this amazing South African snack that the Players have enjoyed for Generations. Once you try our Biltong, you will never look at Jerky the same way. Don’t just be a Snacker……BE A PLAYER!

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