Where it began, the Player’s story.

Gary Player FamilyGary Player (center) with his wife Vivienne and their children at Gleneagles, Scotland, before the Open, 2nd July 1966.


For many generations, the Players have had a love of four things: Family, South Africa, Golf, and Biltong. While various opportunities have taken the Players to the most beautiful places in the world, the United States brought worlds of possibility

but not their beloved South African product loved by all.

After many years of enjoying Biltong only on trips back to South Africa and never becoming accustomed to the tough-textured, less-flavorful American jerky products, Player Brand Biltong was born. Now consumers in the United States and the world can enjoy this fantastic South African snack that the Players have enjoyed for Generations. 


The Player Brand business today

Player Biltong Co-foundersWayne Player, Danny Gorman, Hall of Famer Gary Player

Player Brand Biltong is a thriving modern business utilizing the finest USA beef from local farmers, available with production at a high-tech food processing facility.

We supply traditional South African Biltong to the American market through our brand, keeping the flavors as authentic as possible using recipes that have been used for generations. 

Due to Co-Founder Wayne Player being a T1D, it was important not to ‘Americanize’ the ingredients, using only simple ingredients and zero sugar in the products. 

Our recipes use all-natural ingredients you can trust with no additives, preservatives, or MSGs. 

Please read about the difference between jerky and biltong here or try it yourself, leaving us a review! 

“The decision to take this tremendous product and favorite of South Africa was to develop a delicious and more nutritious alternative to Jerky for our families, friends, and all consumers.”

Danny and Wayne

Co-Founders – Player Brand Biltong