is biltong jerky? Learn why Biltong is far superior.

Is Biltong Jerky? Showing Biltong being held

Biltong is not jerky, it’s far superior.

Biltong is new to the US, and it's often compared to jerky or even seen as the same thing. It’s easy to see why: they look similar and are both preserved meats. However, this is where the similarities end. The taste, texture, and health profiles are entirely different. They’re also made in two different ways.

How is Biltong made?

Biltong is an air-dried cured meat. It originated in South Africa, but its unique, delicious flavor has made it famous worldwide. You can use a variety of meats to make it, but the process is always the same.

First, we select Premium Beef from local US farmers. Next, the meat is marinated in a spice mixture with a bit of salt and vinegar. Player Brand uses an age-old recipe passed down for centuries with simple, all-natural ingredients involving NO PRESERVATIVES OR NITRATES.

Then, the meat is air-dried for 7 days. At this point, the chunk of meat is cut into bite-sized strips and packaged. This results in a tender texture and rich flavor profile that enhances the meat's taste.

Since no heat is involved in the process, the meat’s vitamins and minerals are also preserved.

Plus, due to the water loss during the vinegar curing process, Biltong also has about twice the amount of protein compared to equivalent cuts of meat, making it the perfect protein-rich snack. Air drying also retains small amounts of fat which adds to the flavor similar to that of a rib-eye steak.

Jerky is dehydrated.

sliced biltong

best news- player brand biltong has zero sugar